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We are an online booking clinic only. All our free appointments show here first, we do not keep a cancellation list.  Please click on the online booking icon to get started & follow the instructions.



  • Clients must be 18 years of age or over, to have treatments, accompany other clients, and you must be 18 years of age to use this website. We do not perform treatments on under 18s even if parental consent is offered. Any client attempting to bring anyone under the age of 18 will be turned away and will lose the booking fee..



  • By booking an appointment you accept the terms & conditions of the business, take responsibility for reading the pre treatment information prior to your appointment, completing our digital consent forms and for any aftercare advice to be followed.

  • Our method of booking an appointment, is via the online booking system only, if you have difficulty using this please contact us by email or telephone.

  • AB Medical UK operates a strict appointment only system, this means we cannot accomodate "pop in" clients to the premises.  This helps us maintain the privacy, confidentiality & security of clients who are having treatments and of our premises.  You can of course email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible on info@abmedicaluk.com or abmedicaluk@gmail.com.

  • We reserve the right to refuse or stop treatments at any time if you are considered unsuitable, or if we cannot  be certain further treatments will improve your physical or mental wellbeing.

  • Your appointment is for you only, is perfectly timed to perform your treatment, it cannot be for someone else. We cannot "squeeze" other people into your appointment slot with you. You are welcome to bring one adult visitor as a chaperone. No advice can be given to visitors as each appointment slot is timed precisely to provide you with a consultation, treatment and advice. Any visitors who wish advice must book an appointment in thier own name.

  • We continually strive to improve efficiencies in the business and this may mean we may move your booked appointment to within 5-10 minutes, earlier or later of the slot you originally booked to improve appointment efficiency. Please take note of your email and text reminder which is sent to you 48 hours beforehand for the actual confirmed time slot for your appointment.  If you are unable to accomodate a 5-10 minute variation please let us know in the notes section of you booking when you make it.


Late Arrivals:

  • Please arrive promptly for your appointment, late arrivals will have their treatment time shortened accordingly and if 10 minutes or more late will need to rebook and will be marked as a non attender.  Do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for your appointment as this may compromise the privacy and confidentiality of the client before you.  Due to the nature of the treatments performed and equipment used at these premises, to comply with insurance requirements, children are NOT allowed to accompany clients or be on the premises.  


Mobile Phones:

  • We afford you the respect you deserve, by not answering the business telephone during your consultation, so please afford us the same respect.  Mobile phones must be turned off during consultations. No food or drink is permitted other than that which is provided complimentary in the waiting area.


Video & Photography:

  • It is normal practice to photograph you before & after treatment for your medical records.  These are never shared or used in promotional activities without your consent and you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.  Video and photography during treatments and consultations by clients or visitors is not permitted without prior written consent of AB Medical UK.


Appointment Cancellations & Do Not Attend (DNA) Clients:

  • We understand that from time to time the unexpected crops up, however we appreciate a 48 hour notice of cancellation of appointment whenever possible. You can cancel or move, your appointment any time up to 48 hours prior to the appointment by logging into your online booking profile. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the appointment slot need to be notified to us via text, telephone or email. Rearrangements and cancellations made out side of the 48 appointment window may have monies moved, or refunded in full, please email us to advise us you require a refund of your booking fee is cancelled with more than 48 hours notice.


  • Non attendance of appointments causes unnecessary expense to the business, risks treatment price rises & inconvenience to myself & other customers.  If you do not attend your appointment the full cost of any future treatment will be payable in advance to secure future appointments plus you will lose the deposit you have paid.  Our computer system will also  "lock out," removing your use of the online booking facility. The online booking facility cannot be reinstated until three consecutive appointments have been attended. You will also not be able to book into prime time appointment slots which are Saturdays and evening appointments.

  • Any promotional offers, will be null and void. If you have paid for a course of treatments you will lose one treatment from your course. Clients who have pre payment plans will have the costs deducted from thier credit balance.

  • Anti wrinkle review appointments are complimentary, therefore if you do not attend this appointment, or cancel within 48 hours of the appointment, you will not be able to rebook a further review appointment for that treatment.

  • If you then do not attend a second appointment you will no longer be able to book any further appointments at AB Medical UK. This means you will be removed from our client list and will need to find an alternative clinic to provide any future treatments. If you have extenuating personal circumstances that may interfere with your appointment attendance please let us know before booking any appointment, as we may be able to come to a special arrangement with you.

  • New clients, who have not been to our clinic previously, who do not attend thier first booked appointment, and have not informed us of this will not  be able to rebook any further appointments at our clinic.


Treatment Information & Aftercare:

  • Treatment information and aftercare advice leaflets are available to read & download from our website 24/7 and also from the digital consent forms that are sent to you via email.  It is your responsibility to ensure you have read and understood the information leaflet and aftercare advice prior to your treatment and any further questions you may have can be answered at your consultation.  Your signature on your digital consent form also confirms you have read and understood the advice. If you subsequently decide not to follow medical advice we cannot be held responsible for any adverse consequences.

  • If you have any queries or concerns regarding your treatment, that is not answered on our treatments page, our downloads page or via the digital consent forms,  please contact us via email, or telephone, we will be happy to answer any further queries during clinic hours. We do not offer an out of hours service.


Booking Fee:

  • Clients must pay a non refundable deposit to secure a treatment slot.  The deposit must be paid at the time of booking an appointment. Non attendance of your appointment, will result in your loss of the deposit. Non attenders will not be able to book premium time future appointment which are late evenings and saturdays.  Cancellations made within 48 hours of appointment will also lose thier booking fee. Otherwise any monies pre paid will be deducted from the total treatment price, at the till on the day of your appointment.


Consent Form

  • You are required to complete a consent form for every different treatment you have at AB Medical UK.  This must be completed truthfully and acurately.  If you withhold medical information we cannot be held responsible for any adverse consequences that may arise and if you do not disclose your truthful medical history we will no longer be able to provide you further treatments.  You are responsible to inform us if your medical history changes at any time . We also take time to ensure your expectations of a treatment and the services we are able to provide from this clinic, are achievable and realistic.  Unrealistic expectations can include:

  • 1.  Expecting dramatic or instant results from treatments,

  • 2.  Never being happy or content with how you look or how treatment results appear,

  • 3.  Wanting to appear more than 5-10 years younger than your actual age,

  • 4.  Not accepting that all treatments have limitations on what they can achieve excessive sagging of the skin, continuing smoking, sun damage & premature ageing can be difficult to repair, if at all.

  • 5.  Not following the pre treatment or aftercare advice, but still expecting the treatment to give perfect results would be unrealistic.

  • 6. To expect not to have any bruises when needles are being used in your skin,

  • 7. To expect the treatment results to last longer than what the manufacturer advises,

  • 8. Expecting a treatment to give you the effect of a different treatment i.e. toxin to give a filler result,

  • 9. Expecting the treatment results of a multi treatment procedure or a more expensive treatment given over a period of time, from only one treatment.

  • 10. Expecting bruises, swelling or other side effects to resolve within unrealistic healing time frames.

  • 11. Expecting to look like your favourite celebrity is unrealistic.

  • 12. Wanting to look like a filtered, digitally enhanced, social media picture of yourself or someone else.

  • 13. Expecting out of hours emails to be answered, or sending excessive amounts of emails about already provided information. Although this is not an absolute unrealistic expectation, or contraindication, unfortunately, AB medical do not have the human resources to provide this level of client support. If you feel you want this level of support, please find an alternative clinic who have the capacity and resources to accommodate you.

  • 14. If after having treatments you worry excessively or lose sleep, you may not be suitable to have treatments. Treatments should enhance how you feel, not contribute to feelings of anxiety.

  • 15. Expecting "bargain basement prices"  when you are receiving the top brands, available on the market, performed by a regulated health professional who is an expert in aesthetics and other fields at AB Medical.

  • This is not an exhaustive list but gives an indicator to whether treatments are for you and whether you are suitable to be a client of AB Medical.  If Andrea feels that you are not suitable, no further appointments may be booked for you.


Computerised System:

  • The clinic computerised system will send appointment reminders to your chosen email address, mobile telephone, or both, 48 hours prior to your booked appointment.  It will also send periodic information updates and details of any upcoming promotions.  Your details are never shared with a third party and kept completely confidential.  Please let us know if you do not wish to receive any communication from the system. Please ensure that the email address you give us is your own, not shared with anyone and that no one else has access to your emails.

  • You will receive an email receipt detailing your payment method, treatment performed and products used during your treatment.

  • We need your full details on our system at all times to enable us to obtain the products for your treatments as most products used in clinic are obtained via a private prescription.

  • If you do not attend any appointments for a period of two years, the computer system will archive your account.  This prevents you receiving unwanted newsletters from the system and provides more computer space for new clients.  If you want to book an appointment after a gap of two years please send us an email so that we can re-activate your account.  You will then be able to book online again. We keep all your photographs/appointment details for a period of seven years before they are deleted completely in accordance with medical guidelines and insurance purposes.


Payment & Prices:

  • Payment for treatments & services must be made at time of consultation or earlier by pre payment plan, direct debit, giftcard, cash or debit/credit card.  Please ensure you have sufficient funds to pay at the time of your treatment.

  • We accept payments in cash, debit card, credit card, gift vouchers, direct debit or BACS payment. We do not accept cheques.

  • We reserve the right to vary prices without notice.

  • You, the client are responsible to pay for the treatment in full.  You also consent when accepting these terms & conditions, the release and distribution of information from your record held at this clinic to persue non payment of treatment, to the relevant authorities.  Authorities include court officials, police, lawyers, and financial institutions this clinic has business with.



  • We do not offer refunds under any circumstances.  All products used in our treatments are from genuine suppliers and must be paid for.  If you are unhappy with a treatment please refer to our complaints procedure where we can remedy any complications that may arise.  Please ensure that your expectations are realistic. You may need a number of treatments over a period of time to achieve the results you want.   We are happy to discuss this with you, and do so, during your treatment & consultation.


Social Media:

  • By communicating with AB Medical UK across Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, you agree to the following:

  • You hereby grant us the right to use any image(s) (content) and/or your handles which you have tagged or mentioned AB Medical UK, on our website and/or any AB Medical UK social media platforms, including but not limited to, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

  • AB Medical UK reserves the right to use, modify, combine or reproduce with other material, your content, with no obligation and it is royalty-free.

  • You warrant that you own your posted content and that it does not violate or infringe on the rights of any third party and that you have permission to use/appear in the content.

  • You are 18 years of age or over.



  • We understand having a procedure can be both exciting and nerve-wracking and emotions can run high. Please be mindful that your behaviour remain curteous and respectfull at all times when communicating with the business, staff and other clients.  Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated either in person, in clinic, via email, telephone or via social media platforms.  We have the right to work without fear of aggression, violence, riducule and without verbal abuse.

  • We do not tolerate anti-social behaviour in any form, either to ourselves or to other clients and will always take appropriate action should a circumstance occur.


Our Details: 

  • The full name of our company is AB Medical (UK) Ltd.

  • We are registered in England & Wales under registration number 07782149

  • Our clinic address is Rosewood House, 45 Rosemary Terrace, Blyth, Northumberland, NE24 3DS

  • Our company registered address is  112 Whitley Road, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear NE26 2NE.

  • You can contact us by email to info@abmedicaluk.com & abmedicaluk@gmail.com


Online Shop:



  • All online orders require one to two business days to process before shipping. Business Days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays determined by common and other freight carriers. Expected delivery time is usually between 5 – 7 days. If an item is out of stock we will notify the consumer by telephone or email, we will either offer a replacement or a new date of delivery. If this is deemed unsatisfactory by the consumer they will be given a full refund.


Refund and Returns

  • The procedures, set out here, to cancel an order or return an item do not affect your right to reject faulty goods. Refunds can only be made to the payment card used to purchase the goods. As a consumer you have the right to a 7 day cooling off period where you can choose to refund the item if it is deemed unsuitable. If you wish to return the goods you have a duty to keep them in your possession and to take reasonable care of them until you return them, the return address is:


AB Medical UK (Ltd)

Rosewood House

45 Rosemary Terrace



NE24 3DS

  • Goods must be returned in their original condition, unopened, including immediate packaging. As soon as goods are returned to head office, a refund will be made onto the card of purchase within 5-10 working days. The cost for returning the goods will not be refunded. If an exchange is required we can re-send another item, for example send a different sized same product. The consumer will be required to return the original item, and then we will send a replacement with no additional postal charges. Gift vouchers are non-refundable.






Terms & Conditions...

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