We are delighted to offer a range of easy pre payment options tailored to meet your requirements. That's one less obstacle to achieving your goal! These payments will be collected monthly or weekly and credited to your clinic account. Once you have enough credit on your account you can book in! Or if you want your treatment sooner you can pay the shortfall by cash, debit or credit card on the day at the till!


New clients please contact us to ensure you are suitable to have the treatments before you commit to a payment plan and so we can create a clinic online account for you.


Just "click" on the plan that suits you and set up your payment plan in only a few minutes. Every client will have a £10 credit added to their plan as a bonus for signing up before the 31st December 2019.


Monthly plans that are setup before or on the 25th of the month are collected on the 3rd.  Monthly plans that are set up after the 25th of a month will not be collected until the following month, approximately five weeks later. You will also benefit from an online booking pass which is allocated to your account. The pass alllows you to book online without paying a booking fee. So long as your pre payments are being made your pass remains active!  No credit checks or searches!  Can't see a plan that suits your needs? Then please contact us by email to discuss your requirements further, individual plans can be arranged to suit your requirements.




Pre Payment Saving Plans...

One step closer to your goal...


Payments are taken every monday except on  a bank holiday when it will be a day later.

**Please note no refunds of pre payment plans are offered, please be sure this is the method you wish to pay by. Your rights under the direct debit guarantee are not affected.**


Want to make a "one off " top up to your savings? Click one of these options to make one payment via direct debit.

In Summary

  • No credit check or credit searches,

  • Weekly, monthly or one off payments,

  • Stop payments anytime by cancelling at your bank,

  • Start payments or additional plans by visiting this page,

  • Monthly payments are taken on the 3rd of each month,

  • Weekly payments are taken on a Monday,

  • Save until you have enough to cover the treatment or pay the remaining balance on the day in clinic,

  • Once payment has reached us you receive an email,

  • All savings plan clients have a "pass" allocated to their clinic online booking account,

  • Check your balance on the online booking system under "gift Cards."  

  • Mix and match savings plans to suit your budget and treatment goals.

£15 £20


Payments are taken on the 3rd of the month if set up by 25th of the previous month, otherwise payment is taken a full month afterwards on the 3rd..

£25 £50 £75 £100 £125
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