Complaints Procedure...

Complaints Procedure


In the event of you being unhappy with any aspect of the treatment or service you have received, we have an in house complaints procedure. We take complaints very seriously and respond in a caring and sensitive manner. In addition to responding to a complaint we take the opportunity to make any improvements in our systems so that we may better serve you in the future.


You can register your complaint in the following way:


By writing to us at: The Medical Director, AB Medical UK, Rosewood House,  45 Rosemary Terrace, Blyth, Northumberland, NE24 3DS.


Please describe in detail the nature of your complaint.  We will respond within 28 working days in writing to your home address.


In the event we are unable to provide further treatments to you, you will be informed of this and the rationale for this.


If you remain unhappy with your response from AB Medical UK, you may contact the NMC.

We want to put it right...


In the unlikely event you are unhappy with your treatment or service please contact us as soon as possible so we can resolve the issue.  If you are then still unhappy please submit a complaint.