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By Andrea Bath, Sep 3 2018 10:31PM

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By Andrea Bath, Aug 21 2018 10:18PM

Hi folks just to let you know I'm taking a well earned break, finishing this Friday 24th August, returning Monday 17th September 2018. The good news is that from my return there will be more sessions and appointment slots and the rundown to to having some sessions in Alnwick!

adios! hasta la vista!

By Andrea Bath, May 6 2015 09:52PM


A local entrepreneur from South East Northumberland is getting in the mood for when national touring comedy, Big Pants and Botox, comes to The Phoenix Theatre, Blyth in May.

Andrea Bath, has been running AB Medical UK in the town for the past seven years and she has done over 30,000 aesthetic treatments including the popular procedure of Botox which has become a must have process with people up and down the country.

Andrea, an advanced nurse practitioner, displayed a pair of funny oversized women’s pants as Blyth looks forward to the welcome return of the one woman show that stars TV favourite Mary Jo Randle who played WDS Morgan in The Bill and also starred in Victoria Wood: As seen on TV, Midsomer Murders, Cutting It and The Lakes.

Andrea, aged 50, has over 28 years NHS experience and is trained in specialised advanced beauty techniques. She said: “When I saw the word Botox in the title of the play I was immediately intrigued.

“I love the way well written theatre portrays and incorporates people’s lives, as the audience can associate with the characters on stage. In my job it’s really interesting to chat with customers and listen to the stories they have to tell!”

“Big Pants and Botox”, from the pen of ‘Girls Night’ writer Louise Roche, tells the story of optimistic, loveable Barbara who has just celebrated a ‘significant’ birthday. During the course of the show she takes us on a funny, intriguing and ultimately uplifting journey.

Along the way the audience meets numerous characters who play a part in her life from her overly critical mother, to her hilarious, slightly flawed group of female friends.

People interested in buying tickets for “Big Pants and Botox” at The Phoenix Theatre, Blyth on Saturday 9th May at 7.30pm can contact the Box Office by calling 01670 367 228, online, in person Mon-Fri 10am-12.30pm / Sat 10am-2pm or on the evening of the performance.

The Theatre is currently running a special offer of £10 tickets for telephone or personal callers only. This is part of their 50th anniversary year celebrations - as they look to attract new audiences to the venue and get people to enjoy top quality theatre on their doorstep.

For further information about AB Medical UK please visit

Photograph: The attached photograph shows Andrea Bath of AB Medical UK administering a Botox injection to customer, Suzanne Godfrey, age 36 from Blyth…as Suzanne holds the oversized pair of big pants that promotes “Big Pants and Botox”.

Image credit: Ian Jamieson.

By Andrea Bath, May 4 2014 09:29PM

Could YOU face peeling off a layer of skin to look younger? Brutal way to beautify is making a comeback

Cosmetic chemical face peels are coming back into fashion

The skin treatment sees the face covered in a lotion containing acid

The acid burns the skin off, which is then peeled off to 'reveal' fresh skin


PUBLISHED: 22:00, 3 May 2014 | UPDATED: 15:00, 4 May 2014

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Famous pain: Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones on famous Noughties show Sex And The City after having a chemical face peel


Famous pain: Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones on famous Noughties show Sex And The City after having a chemical face peel

Face peels sound like a brutal way to beautify yourself, but before the advent of lasers they were a staple of cosmetic clinics – and now they’re making a comeback.

The procedure basically involves applying an acid-containing lotion to the face, letting it soak through and then peeling off the old skin to reveal fresh new skin in its place.

It offers the closest thing to a quick-fix without surgery.

While lasers offer a more targeted way to address problems such as pigmentation and fine lines, they are also expensive, so cash-strapped customers looking for effective, cheaper options are returning to peels.

They work by disrupting the bonds between cells in the epidermis (the top layer of skin) and now come in an array of strengths and solutions to suit all skin types.

Peels are not without side effects, however.

Not only can they prove painful and temporarily unsightly – who can forget a red-faced Samantha after her peel in Sex And The City? – but in the wrong hands they can scar, and without assiduous sun protection afterwards you could develop pigmentation problems.

Worse still, one type is associated with an increased risk of heart attack.

So which should you choose? Here’s our guide to finding the right peel, with a safety verdict by cosmetic dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting...


Herbal peels Don’t be fooled – just because these are natural it doesn’t mean they are gentle. Herbal peels tend to use more naturally derived acids but often have a physical exfoliation aspect, as they are grainy and massaged into the skin, as well as the chemical exfoliation acids provide.

Try The Green Peel, developed more than 50 years ago by German dermatologist Dr Christine Schrammek.


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Contains A wealth of naturally derived ingredients including plant extracts horsetail, marigold, aloe vera, pansy, algae and camomile.

Treats Scarring and sun damage by breaking down damaged skin and stimulating production of the protein collagen, encouraging fresh skin to form in its place. Also has a comedolytic effect, meaning that it stops spots forming.

Downtime Expect to be red after the treatment and to peel a couple of days later. Related skincare products must be used at home afterwards, then a follow-up finishing treatment to nourish the skin.

Before and after: A woman pictured before her chemical peel, left, and and one month after, right


Before and after: A woman pictured before her chemical peel, left, and and one month after, right

Pain rating Varies depending on the individual but manufacturers say the sensation is akin to a nettle sting, tingling rather than burning.

Cost £260 for the peel, home-care products and follow-up treatment at Beauty Rose Centre in London ( See for your nearest salon.

Dr Bunting says ‘If you’ve got sensitive skin and think a herbal peel might be the solution, be wary. This peel makes impressive claims but it’s not clear from the ingredients listed which acid is at work, and therefore it’s impossible to gauge its efficacy and safety.’


AHA Peels Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are generally derived from fruits and include citric acid (from citrus fruits), glycolic acid (from sugar), lactic acid (from milk) and malic acid (from apples). They’re the mildest peels available and effectively deep exfoliation that work by breaking down the bonds that attach skin cells to each other. Can be very helpful in tackling textural issues and superficial pigmentation.

Try Dermaceutic Milk Peel.

Contains Fifty per cent glycolic acid, ten per cent lactic acid and four per cent salicylic acid.

Treats Dull skin, fine lines and complexion irregularities. The company’s clinical trials on 63 people found all showed a significant improvement in frown lines and roughness after just one treatment.

Downtime None. Skin may turn pink but this normally subsides within 20 minutes, and while skin may be dry, most patients have little or no peeling.

Pain rating Low. Some patients feel an intense itchy sensation during the two minutes the peel is in place.

Cost From £60. Four peels – one a fortnight – are recommended. Visit for your nearest salon.

Dr Bunting says ‘AHA peels are undoubtedly effective at sloughing off top layers of skin but less effective at tackling deeper issues such as acne scarring. I advise my patients to use AHA creams regularly to improve penetration rather than for a one-off peel.’


No pain, no gain: A face peels involves applying an acid-containing lotion to the face to 'burn' off old skin


No pain, no gain: A face peels involves applying an acid-containing lotion to the face to 'burn' off old skin

BHA Peels Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) includes salicylic acid, an ingredient well documented as useful for blemish-prone skin and acne.

This is fat-soluble, meaning that it readily penetrates the oily environment of the pores, helping ‘unplug’ them by exfoliating accumulated skin cells. Also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Try Obagi Blue Peel Radiance.

Contains Twenty per cent salicylic acid.

Treats A range of concerns from acne to damage from the sun, giving an overall improvement in texture and tone, according to papers published in two dermatology journals.

Downtime Little to none. Skin may be slightly redder for a couple of days but without any peeling.

Pain rating Can sting for the first minute it is on the skin (the procedure takes ten minutes), but manufacturers claim that the pain then subsides.

Cost £375 at the Waterhouse Young Clinic ( in London. Find your nearest clinic at

Dr Bunting says ‘Salicylic acid-based treatments have been shown to help treat acne, but while a one-off peel can be helpful, I generally advise my patients to use such products as part of their daily regime.’


TCA Peels Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peels are known as medium depth. Acid penetrates deeper and induces damage by causing skin proteins to clump together. As a result it can be more effective, but it may be temporarily unsightly.

Try The Skintech Easy Peel.

Contains Fifteen per cent trichloroacetic acid.

Treats Hyperpigmentation and melasma as well as signs of ageing. Improves skin tone and texture and promotes younger-looking skin.

Downtime Expect skin to feel tighter and look darker for several days because the acid has effectively caused a chemical burn. Then skin starts shedding for up to a week.

Pain rating The warmth or irritation can last for two hours, but manufacturers say this is a sign that the peel is working.

Cost £400 for a course of four treatments at London’s Skin Etc ( See for your nearest clinic.

Dr Bunting says ‘TCA peels can make a big difference to deeper skin issues but be careful when choosing a practitioner as the more potent acid can mean more serious problems. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and scarring are possible complications, especially in darker skin types.’


Phenol peel The most serious of all peels and likely to give you heart problems if your doctor isn’t careful – a 1984 study found that almost 40 per cent of patients suffered cardiac arrhythmia. Now the procedure is carried out with a heart monitor to measure your response. These peels are highly effective at tackling severe sun damage such as deep wrinkles, but can also give skin a smooth, waxy consistency.

Try A phenol peel.

Contains Phenol.

Treats Deep wrinkles and acne scars, severe pigmentation.

Downtime Significant. New skin cells take ten to 15 days to form, and in the interim skin looks pretty raw and requires sterile dressings. Manufacturers claim patients return to work within three weeks but you’ll probably still look red – it can take six weeks or more for skin to return to normal.

Pain rating Practitioners say that phenol acts as its own anaesthetic, so any discomfort is brief – but that you should expect your face to be red and swollen afterwards, which doesn’t sound pain-free.

Cost Prices vary but can be up to £2,000. Find your nearest clinic at

Dr Bunting says ‘The deep phenol peel has largely been replaced by resurfacing lasers as they deliver more predictable results and fewer complications. One main risk is absorbing phenol into the circulation, which can result in cardiac toxicity, so patients need monitoring.

‘This peel can cause significant skin lightening due to a toxic effect on pigment cells. In my view, the risks simply aren’t worth it.’

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By Andrea Bath, May 4 2014 11:45AM

More trouble in the teeth whitening trade.

I told recently how a beautician paid £1,500 to Megawhite Express Teeth Whitening to get started in this business but had to pack it in when warned that she could be prosecuted for carrying out work reserved for dentists.

Megawhite refused a refund.

Now I’ve heard from Marie Cook, of Brigg, Lincs, who bought a £1,150 business start-up package from Impression Teeth Whitening of Sheffield.

“No dental experience needed thanks to the new teeth whitening technology sweeping the world,” it promises.

“Tap into a billion pound industry.”

But Marie has been forced to stop work, saying: “I have been told by the General Dental Council that I am breaking the law, but Impression are refusing me a refund.”

The GDC told her: "Tooth whitening specifically should only be performed by registered dentists, or dental hygienists or dental therapists working to a dentist's prescription." If Marie continued, she was committing "a criminal offence carrying a penalty, on conviction, of up to £5,000."

I asked Impression to comment but was unable to extract an answer.

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